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jbo体育首页:【创源大讲堂】Introduction to Railway Infrastructure Inspection and the Showcase of Data Fusion Technology for Data-Driven Maintenance


时间:2023-11-06     作者:李鑫     编辑:李鑫     阅读:

讲座时间:20231111 14:00-15:00


主讲人简介:Dr. Shaoguang Li received his BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees from Northeastern University and Delft University of Technology. He has been a project manager and R&D engineer at Eurailscout Inspection & Analysis since 2018. His research expertise includes vehicle-track coupled dynamics (transient, thermo-mechanical coupling, and wheel-rail cyclic contacts), railway infrastructure condition inspection, diagnosis, and monitoring.

讲座内容简介:Eurailscout Inspection & Analysis, as the largest independent railway inspection company within the EU, specializes in conducting exhaustive assessments and analyses of railway infrastructure. It operates in collaboration with distinguished entities in the railway industry, Strukton Rail and SNCF. Our inspection services extend across many EU Infrastructure managers, such as ProRail, SNCF, DB, DSB, Network Rail, CFL, and so on. Eurailscout possesses an expansive fleet of inspection vehicles, equipping us for meticulous assessments. In this report, I will introduce our inspection technologies at ERS, with a specific focus on track geometry, rail roughness, and rail profile inspections. In addition to the traditional inspection, we are actively working on developing data-driven maintenance solutions by integrating data from multiple sources. I will also showcase some applications from some of our ongoing R&D projects to demonstrate the potential of our innovative approach.